Dinamic Rates:

Level Exp Sp Adena Spoil Seal Stone Reid Boss
1-15 x15 x15 x7 x5 x5 x2
20-40 x10 x10 x7 x5 x5 x2
40-61 x8 x8 x7 x5 x5 x2
61+ x7 x7 x7 x5 x5 x2

Quest x1 (except for some quests x2)

The duration of the buffs: 1 hours, number of slots under the buff: 24+4

Spoiler profession added new skill: Mass Sweeper.
For convenience, the .repair command has been added to repair players.

Anti Bot System Anti DDOS
- Protection from bots
- Anti-spoofing packet
- Anti-emulation keystrokes\mouse
- Encryption of all gaming traffic


1 profession - 20.000 Adena
2 profession - 500.000 Adena
3 profession - 20.000.000 Adena +700 halishka (droped in wall of agros)


Sale Weapons, Armors, Jewelry only for B-Grade.


Quests with increased rates (x2):
- The Zero Hour x2
- Delicious Top Choice Meat x2
- Alliance With Varka Silenos x2
- Alliance With Ketra Orcs x2
- War with Varka Silenos x2
- War with Ketra orcs x2
- Relics of the Old Empire x2
- Gather The Flames x2
- The Finest Food x2
- In Search of Dimensional Fragments x2
- Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force x2
- Whisper of Dreams - Part 1 x2
- Whisper of Dreams - Part 2 x2
- Seekers of the Holy Grail x2
- Guardians of the Holy Grail x2
- Into the Flame x2
- Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1 x2
- Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2 x2


Maximum enchantment for weapons +16, Armor and Jewelry +12.
Chance of enchant Weapon: 60%
Chance of enchant Armor/Jewelry: 60%


All villages and Towns: NPC Buffer


Sub-Class price: Quest, maximum is base + 3 sub-classes.


By participating in events, you can get 1 TvT Event Coin

Team vs Team:
Description: The objective for your team is to kill as many enemies.

Reward: 1 Event Coin (For the winner team)


When clan is created, it receives the 0 level
Lider of the clan receive name color blue in game at level 3+.


For capture of the castle Giran, Goddard, Rune, Aden
clan leader gets retail clan points.


You can get Vote Coin reward for voting for server in ratings
(.hopzone .l2votes .l2networks .l2topservers command in the game).

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